Well planned and organised dives are the key to safety in our sport and to that end all of our diving activities, be they trips to the pool, inland water sites or offshore diving from boats are subject to the same comprehensive planning activities. Risk assessments are carried out in advance for our dive sites and these are shared with all club members.


Trips are planned to take into account the skills and experience of our members, the equipment they will be using and also the weather and sea state of the dive site. 

Dive Planning

Diving Weather

Diving offshore is dependent on the weather and we need calm seas and good visibility in order to conduct a safe trip. We use forecasts from a variety of sources including the Met Office and Magicseaweed to help us plan our trips.


The widget on the left shows the forecast in the Firth of Forth area. You can change the forecast area using the options link in the widget. The widget on the right shows the forecast for the sea state around the UK.


























Recreational Dive Planner

This Inverkeithing weather forecast is generated by the Met Office Weather Widget

Met Office Forecast

Magicseaweed Sea State