Preston Hill Quarry - A Safe and Sustainable Future

For many years now the diving community have been regular visitors to Preston Hill quarry and have used the site as an inland diving location both for diver progression training and for recreational purposes when weather conditions prevent diving in the open sea. 


As divers we put safety first in everything that we do and in that context Preston Hill quarry has proved to be a very suitable location for recreational sport diving.

Preston Hill Quarry

Other members of the local community have visited the site for different purposes and regrettably this has led to accidents on two separate occasions. The diving community were pleased to be invited to work alongside Fife Council, Inverkeithing Community Council, Police Scotland and the Emergency Services in 2015 in order to look at ways of improving water safety awareness and also explore options for the longer term future of the site.


As a result of that work, and as a next step to the water safety campaign for schools that was developed as a result of those meetings,  the diving community are developing proposals for a safe and sustainable future for Preston Hill quarry. You can read more about those proposals in this briefing document.

Preston Hill Quarry